Friday, February 28, 2014

[NOTICE] MNET MCountdown New Ranking System

In Celebration with MCountdown 10th Anniversary, the program revealed new music ranking system. Social Media will play a big role with the new system, tthat will be based on the number of YouTube views of the artist's official MV as well "SNS Buzz".

M! Countdown's producer Yoon Shin Hye stated, "Because the current music market is displaying a rapid change in consumption behavior, we have decided to drastically change our ranking and selection system. We believe that placing an importance on the Top 10 is relevant. Through our various changes, we hope to bring a music chart that is refreshing and differentiated enough that it will represent the current music scene."

As of February 27, 2014.
The chart featured on M! Countdown will be calculated by combiningthe following:

- Digital Single Sales (50%)
- Album Sales (10%)-
- Social Media Points (YouTube official music video views + SNS buzz) (10%)
- Preference Points (global fan votes + age range preference) (10%)
- Mnet Broadcast Points (10%)
- SMS Votes (10%).

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