Tuesday, October 28, 2014

141029 MBC MUSIC Show Champion Setlist & Streaming Links

Broadcast starts around 6:00 PM KST via 

Performers:  BEAST, VIXX, Song Ji Eun, Juniel, Red Velvet, The Boss, Mad Town, Topp Dogg, Nam Young Joo, BIG, Almeng, UNIQ, Cho Hyung Woo, HiNi, Lee Hwan Hee, D. Holic, JL, Legend, Purfles , A.CIAN


♬ HOT Performances ★☆

- BEAST [12:30]
- The Boss (DGNA) [Rilla Go]
- Song Ji Eun [Twenty-Five]
- UNIQ [Falling In Love]
- Almeng [Phone in love]
- JUNIEL [I think I’m in love]
- Nam Young Joo [Because I'm Soft Hearted And Nice]
- Red Velvet [Be Natural]
- B.I.G [Are You Ready?]
- Cho Hyung Woo [ Someone I Know]
- Topp Dogg [Annie]
- Legend [Lost]
- Purfles [1,2,3]
- HiNi [Clutch Bag]
- Lee Hwan Hee [Action]
D. Holic [I Don't Know]
- JL []
- A.CIAN [Ouch!]

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