Friday, February 28, 2014

[VIDEO] 2NE1 reveals performances of “Scream” and “Crush” on Naver LINE’s star cast

With 2NE1’s release of their latest album “CRUSH”, the group have revealed their performance for their song “Scream” on Naver LINE’s star cast.

Titled “2NE1’s All or Nothing”, the star cast was streamed live on the 27th of February at 7pm KST, and they performed both “Crush” and “Scream”.

The performance of “Crush”, much like it’s lyrics and melody portray, was a very energetic and hyped up one. Members did a lot of jumping to get the audience excited and as involved in the performance.
Similarly, the performance of “Scream” also endeavoured to get the crowd as involved in the performance as the members themselves, where members were head banging to the beat and tried to interact with the crowd as much as they could.

After a successful world tour, 2NE1 will be starting their 2nd world tour next month on the 1st and 2nd of March at Seoul’s SK Handball Stadium in Olympic Park, called “AON”.

Check the Open Rehearsal Interview Video Playlist below:

Rehearsal Performance
Heading for Rehearsal:

Missing You (Soundcheck):

Crush + Fire:

Ending Talk:


News Source: Osen via Koreaboo
Video Source: TheEROMAKNAE @YT

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