Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Supernova, Juniel, TVXQ, SHINee and more to release Japanese album on March!!??

News has been pouring in over the last few days about several upcoming Japanese releases from K-pop artists. Albums, singles, minis, concert tours — whoa there, Japan, slow down a sec. We need a moment to catch up. 
FNC Music‘s rookie darling Juniel and SM Entertainment‘s juggernaut duo TVXQ! will both drop full-length Japanese albums on March 6. Juniel’s Juni, her first major album in Japan since placing first on Niji Iro Supernova in 2010, will have 12 tracks including her previous releases “Forever” and “さくら~とどかぬ想い (Sakura~Feelings That Don’t Reach).”
[post_ad]TVXQ!’s sixth Japanese album TIME comes in three versions; Version A contains several PV’s, Version B has live performance and concert footage, and Version C contains two additional tracks.

March 13 will bring releases from dance groups  SHINee and SHU-I. SHINee’s seventh Japanese single album Fire will be available in standard format and as a special edition album; the latter will  contain a DVD with two versions of the upcoming PV, plus the “making-of” footage for the PV and album photo shoot.
SHU-I’s fifth single album あちゃこちゃSORRY (Acha Kocha SORRY) will have four versions, each with different supplemental content such as “making-of” DVDs, concert footage and photo books.
Soloists IU and Se7en will duke it out for album sails on March 20 with a mini-album and a single, respectively. IU’s yet unnamed mini will contain her first original Japanese tracks, which, according to LOEN Entertainment, was worked on by Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis.
Se7en’s single “ありがとう(Thank You),” for which he wrote his own lyrics, will be his final music release before reporting for mandatory service in the Korean army. He will also make a quick concert tour to wrap up all of his promotional activities in Japan.
Supernova‘s sixteenth Japanese single album 抱・き・し・め・た・い (I Want to Hold You) is scheduled for a March 27 release. The album will have two special editions and a standard edition — the latter, which includes tickets for the group’s live concert, will only be made available to MILKY WAY fanclub members for a limited time.
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Article & Photos by: MTV K

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