Wednesday, August 31, 2011

U-KISS' 2nd album "Neverland" is already released!!

After U-KISS formally announced that they will comeback to Korea this September with a full-length album, many Korean & international fans are anticipating for the released of their 2nd studio album."Neverland" with a second self entitled Neverland is group's second full-length album after Only One in 2010 and the first full-length album to feature the two newest members, Hoon and AJ. Other tracks of the albums are Kevin and Hoon’s duet song, ‘Take Me Away’ and Soohyun and Brave Girl’s Eun Young duet, ‘Story of April.
On August 25, 2011, "NEVERLAND" album teaser was released on their Official Youtube Channel. A day after, they released the full track of "Someday" on  Korea online music stores.

And today, September 1, 2011, their second full-length album has been released on all Music stores in South Korea. The album has a total of thirteen tracks. Including the already released track "Someday"

1. "Intro"
2. "Neverland"
3. "Baby Don't Cry"
4. "Someday" 4:00
5. "Take Me Away"
6. "On The Floor"
7. "Love of a Friend" (친구의 사랑)
8. "Story of April" (4월 이야기)
9. "Obsession"
10. "Top That"
11. "Tell Me Y"
12. "We'll Meet Again" (다시 만나요 (feat PARAN))
13. "Someday" (Instrumental)

You can stream their new album at the following sites:

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