Tuesday, October 14, 2014

VIXX revealed 'Error' MV

VIXX [Error] transformed into Cyborg, revealing the title song music video!

In the concept of fantasy, Vampire • Jekyll & Hyde •Voodoo doll• transcending time etc, VIXX who always showed a new appearance has chosen a concept of “Cyborg” to put an end of the concept this time.

Beyond their unique concept until now and showing their strongest concept since their debut, VIXX’s confidence receiving the attention of the concept made the fans and audience to look forward before their release.

With the strong cyborg visual which is an appearance combined of human and machine, a sad love story about a man changing his body to a cyborg only leaving his broken heart to protect himself from wound of love draw admiration just as VIXX expected.

The music video including the powerful cyborg visual and the sad love story was directed by Zanybros Won Ki Hong and by co-working with the expert CG graphic team, the perfection of the image was maximized. Beyond the frame of a simple music video, VIXX’s second mini album title song [Error] is like watching a SF melodrama.

Please give us lots of support and stay tuned. Check out the MV below!

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