Tuesday, October 14, 2014

GAEKO releases MV Teaser for “NO MAKEUP” Ft.. ZION.T And HA:TFELT

Gaeko releases his second teaser for his upcoming solo album “REDINGRAY.”

The Dynamic Duo member recently released the full track list to his solo album, revealing a plethora of collaboration with well-known artists such as HA:TFELT. Following the release of his first music video teaser for “Rose,” a second has been released for the 2nd track “No Makeup.”

The teaser is taken in a one-shot style, focusing on different points of a dark, yet vibrant room. As HA:TFELT walks into the room, the camera follows her and pans past Zion.T and Gaeko in the background holding “NO” and “MAKEUP” in crisp white letters. HA:TFELT puts her coat away and begins to take off her makeup when she receives Kakao messages. The video ends with Zion.T and Gaeko lounging next to each other, holding their “NO MAKEUP” signs.

The smooth R&B-jazz track plays in the background, enhancing the laid-back, classy set of the music video.

"No Makeup" is the first of two title tracks that Gaeko will be promoting during his debut. He also released a video teaser for his first title track “Rose” yesterday. In addition, he released teasers for four other Music Videos through twitter earlier this week.

Watch the teaser below and look out for Gaeko’s highly anticipated debut album, “REDINGRAY,” out on October 16th! 

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