Wednesday, October 15, 2014

141016 MNET MCountdown Setlist & Streaming Links

Broadcast start around 6PM KST via 

Performers:  VIXX, Winner, Song Ji Eun, JUNIEL, TEEN TOP, Na Yoon Kwon, DGNA, Strawberry Milk, Red Velvet, Roy Kim, MINX, Bernard Park, Boyfriend, BTOB, CIPHER, Ailee, WINNER, UNIQ, YounHa

♬ HOT Comeback ★☆  
- VIXX [Intro + ERROR]
- Song Ji Eun [25]
- The Boss (DGNA) [Rilla Go]
- Na Yoon Kwon [If Only] 

♬ HOT Debut ★☆
- UNIQ [Falling in Love]
- Bernard Park [Before The Rain]
 - Strawberry Milk [OK]

♬ HOT Performances ★☆
- WINNER [Don’t Flirt]
- Ailee [Don't Touch Me]
- Boyfriend [Witch]
- Red Velvet [Be natural]
- Roy Kim [HOME] 
- TEEN TOP [Missing]
- JUNIEL [I think I’m in love]
- BTOB [You're So Fly]
- Minx [Why Did You Come to my Home] 
- Nam Young Joo [Because I'm Soft Hearted And Nice]
- Cipher [Show me what you got]
- Younha [Wasted]

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