Tuesday, August 26, 2014

BEAST, 4Minute & G.NA participating in 'The K Festival'

BEAST, 4Minute, and G.NA are participating in 'The K Festival.'

On August 26th, Incheon Development & Tourism Corporation released the 2nd list of the artists that are participating in 'The K Festival.'

The 1st list that was released back in July included V.O.S, 9Muses, So Real, JEWELRY, and ZE:A. The new list includes 4Minute, BEAST, and G.NA, Day Break, Solutions, Thorn Apple, Sultan Of The Disco, J-Rabbit, Paperback, DICKPUNKS, and 10cm.

A representative of Incheon Development & Tourism Coporation said, "All of the singers who are participating in the festival are singers who are at the top of their game. They are going to present a fabulous performance."

'The K Festival' will be held as a part of the closing ceremony of '2014 Incheon Asian Game.' Incheon Development & Tourism Corporation prepared a great number of different entertainments and events that visitors and athletes can enjoy during their stay, including K-Pop event, K-Food, K-Fashion, K-Beauty, K-Film, and K-Smart IT events.

A representative of the Corporation said, "'The K Festival' will be something more than just an ordinary K-Pop festival. A great number of people will be able to experience true Korean culture," and "We are going to release another list of artists who will participate in the event next month."

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