Monday, August 18, 2014

140819 SBS MTV The Show Setlist & Streaming Links

Broadcast starts around 6PM KST via 

Performers: Kim Greem, NU'EST, Bob Girls, Red Velvet, Ladies Code, LU: KUS, Park Boram, Boys Republic, Sunny Days,  SISTAR, Ye-A, Wings, Zhang Li Yin, Zest, JACE, TOP.IC,  Tasty, PARAN THE PACE, Play the Siren, Hyuna 

★ HOT Performances 

- SISTAR [Touch My body]  
- HyunA [Red] 
- Red Velvet [Happiness] 
 - Sunny Days [Half Of The World Are Men] 
- Ye-A [Up & Down]  
- Play the siren [Dream Drive]  
- Boys Republic [Dress Up]
- Wings [Blossom]
- Zhang Li Yin [Agape]
- Zest [Last Night Story]
- Jace [Good bye My Ray]
- TOP.IC [See Ya]
- Tasty [Addiction]
- Paran The Pace [Paradoxx]
- Kim Greem [Summer Night]
- NU'EST [Good Bye Bye]
- Bob Girls [No Way]
- Ladies Code [Kiss Kiss]
- LU: KUS [ So Into U]
- Park Boram [Beautiful]

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