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Music Bank in Jakarta Review: Indonesia Saved Up for Music Bank

South Korea and Indonesia are celebrating four decades of diplomatic ties. They celebrated it with a joint concert “Music Bank World Tour in Jakarta” March 9, 2013 at Gelora Bung Karno, Senayan. It was the fifth Music Bank World Tour after Tokyo, Paris, Hong Kong, and Chile.

Critics and Controversies
Music Bank in Jakarta gained a lot of controversies and critics towards the promoter, Asia Top Entertainment (ATE). It started when they announced a new area, called Friendly ticket, which cost only Rp200.000,00 and also a new seating plan. Festival area which should be a standing area, changed to standing and seating. Seating area is for those who bought the pre-book and regular, while standing for those who bought the ticket with Telkomsel promotion. Telkomsel 20% promotion was a promotion after the pre-book and regular ticket sold. The change made those whom already bought the pre-book and regular ticket gone mad. They bought the festival ticket, so they could be as near as possible with the idol. Instead getting near, they got gap. It was also a problem for diamond ticket holder, which is the most expensive ticket for Music Bank, because the new seating plan made them behind the VIP. After several protests, ATE changed the seating plan, made the diamond area right in front of the stage. Moreover, ATE did not make any further information a few days before the concert. It was confusing for the concert goers, because they did not know any regulation, gate info, time info, and else. So, I went to Senayan and there’s a massive crowd in front of the main gate. I arrived at 12.00 PM and got into queue for 2 hours. The weather was hot and rainy sometimes. A few people passed out, including me (almost), hahaaa. The queque was so terribly organised. SM TOWN which held  in the same place had a better queue, if I may to compare they checked our bag and also the ticket in front of the main gate, but no long queue. It was so different for Music Bank. So, here comes trouble. People screamed,”Buka, buka, buka.” (Open,open, open).Finally, I entered and searched for Festival line.
There was another trouble. We’re not so sure which line we should get into, because the person in charge in Festival area were not so sure too. So, there was two sectors, which has the same board said Festival A. The PIC just mixed the queue for standing and seating area, and yeah it was a mess. We wait until 06.00 PM and they opened the gate to the venue. But, because they mixed it up, they had to separate the standing and seating first. And also, because of the brutality, the gate is broken. I entered the venue and then it was also a chaos. They whom supposed to be on seating went to standing and vice versa. It made the standing area so full and a few passed out. Festival seating ticket holder who came around 7.00PM insisted to get a better view, by sitting on stairs instead of sitting on chair in the back area. I also heard that the diamond area is full because there were some intruders. My friend said that there were friendly ticket holder and another area pass the gate to the diamond area. It was because the gate wasn’t lock at first place and then the security got confused because the diamond ticket holder couldn’t get a seat. It was also a surprise that Joko Widodo ‘Jokowi’, Governor of Jakarta came. He came with his daughter. On March 10, 2013, it revealed that his daughter got the opportunity taking a photo together with Minho SHINee. Lucky you, girl.
Half an hour before the concert started, fans screamed, “SHINee, SHINee, SHINee.” ELF (Super Junior fans) screamed, “Super Junior” with louder voice. And then, the venue went dark, and the big screen played Sexy, Free, and Single by Super Junior. Suddenly, pearl sapphire blue lights filled the venue. It looks like a blue sea of light stick. It also feels like Super Junior concert, because of ELF loud singing. It continued with BEASTBeautiful Night, and Eru Black Glasses, Infinite The Chaser, and SHINee Dream Girl and Sherlock. The fanchant is so clear for SHINee. The big screen continued with BEAST Fiction, 2PM Heartbeat, Super JuniorBonamana.
The Performance
The stage went dark again. All of Indonesia dancers came out danced with the song Ondel-Ondel. The audience shout,”Indonesia, Indonesia, Indonesia.”

The MC are Kyuhyun, Taecyeon, Jiwon, and Indonesia MC, Nadia Mulya. Kyuhyun said a lot of things in Indonesia. Based on Nadia Mulya’s twitter account, Kyuhyun was so proud when he could said things like,”Aku cinta kalian.” (I love you) and “Kalian cantik sekali.” (You are so pretty). Kyuhyun also said, “Terima kasih, kami oke kan?” (Thank you, we’re good right?).

So, the first stage is heated by Teen Top with Miss Right. After the performance, L.Joe started to talk to the fans, but it stopped by the PD. Teen Top was confused and got back and asked the MC and the PD. I heard that it was because of LED error or because they are not supposed to talk first after the first performance. They went back stage. The audience started uneasy and Nadia went to the stage and said,”Kepada teman-teman Kpop ada kesalahan teknis, tunjukkan kepada teman-teman Korea betapa kita ingin mereka.” (For Kpop friends, there are some technical problem, let’s show our Korean friends how much we want them here). Because of this accident, Teen Top had to performed Miss Right again and went back to the hydraulic stage. Ricky peeked from the bottom of the stage by jumping before they started over. They sang Miss Rightand continued by To You and Crazy. Niel said,”Aku cinta kalian.” (I love you). L. Joe said,”Did you guys enjoy it?”

Check out their performances:
Teen Top - Miss Right

Teen Top - Talk

The MC came out again and shouted for SISTAR. SISTAR consists of four members, which are Hyorin, Bora, Soyu, and Dasom. Dasom is the english speaker of the group. She said,”I’m really excited. This is the first time in Indonesia.” SISTAR performed Alone and also Loving You. SISTAR completely heat the stage with their famous leg dance. After that, SISTAR19, the sub-unit of the group, sang Gone Not Around Any Longer.Fanboys went crazy because of Hyorin and Bora sexiness.
After that, the MC came out. Nadia Mulya asked Kyuhyun to teach her how to do SISTAR’s Alone dance move. So, Kyuhyun lift his leg up in slow motion.
Here it is the video Kyu danced:

Fangirl screamed a lot. Furthermore, after the dance, Kyuhyun sang Eru’s song Black Glasses as an introduction. Eru sang Hate You, which in the original version featuring Junhyung BEAST. But, Eru surprised the audience by singing the rap part by himself. He said, “Selamat malam” and continued to sing Black Glasses. And then he said,”I just wanna say thank you for supporting our artist. Keep supporting Kpop. Aku cinta kamu.” He ended his performance by singingInsomnia, korean version.
The MC went to the stage. As I said earlier, ELF is all over the venue, so whenever the MC came, the audience shout, “Cho Kyuhyun Cho Kyuhyun…” Kyuhyun then tried to please the fans by saying,”Selamat pagi, selamat sore, selamat malam.” (Good morning, good evening, good night). Taecyeon also said,”Saya bagus?” Jiwon said, “Mantap”(Daebak/WOW).
It continues to a special stage from Hyorin and Eru. They sang Kemesraan in Indonesia. Eru’s pronunciation was so good and Hyorin’s voice is really captivating. The audience sang along with them.  
Check out their performance here:

Furthermore, INFINITE came and sang Before the Dawn and The Chaser. They introduced themselves one by one. The crowd were crazy for Myungsoo “L”. Sunggyu said,”Kalian semua cinta Infinite bukan?” (You all love Infinite, right?). Woohyun and Myungsoo also said some things in Indonesia but, I couldn’t hear it well. Sungyeol said,”Kalian milikku.” (You are mine) and then Dongwoo started to laugh. Sungjong speaked something in Korean and they continued to perform Be Mine. Here it is  

INFINITE - Be Mine  

Infinite - The Chaser

Infinite Talk

The MC came out. Nadia said that Indonesia and Korea are celebrating 40 years diplomatic ties, like the lyrics of the song Kemesraan (Romance), we hope that kemesraan (between Indonesia and Korea) isn’t disappeared. And then, the MC started to talk about Indonesian music, I-Pop and called Agan. Afgan sang the first song form his new album, Without You. Afgan said, “Selamat malam semuanya. Sebagai perwakilan dari Indonesia, saya bangga banget acara sebesar ini bisa diadakan di Indonesia. Ini momen spesial buat Afgan. Fotoin dulu dong. I love you guys.” (Good night everyone. As a representative from Indonesia, I’m very proud that a huge event like this could be held in Indonesia.). He asked his dancer to take a picture of him in a stage with audience as a background. And then, he sang Katakan Tidak. Afgan brought out the dancer when he sang. He sang the groovy song, unlike his usual ballad style.
After that, the MC started to talk about K-drama and the soundtrack. K-drama is really popular in Indonesia. A hit drama usually followed by hit soundtrack. Music Bank played a clip from Full House showing Song Hye Kyo and Rain kiss scene. It made fans screamed. Suddenly, in the middle of the stage, Soyu from Sistar sang the soundtrack entitled I think I love you. 
Check Soyu’s performance here:

 Furthermore, the next clip is from Dream High, and then Woohyun Infinite sang Dreaming.

After that, the last clip is from Boys Before Flowers, and SHINee, the original singer of the song sang Stand by Me. 
Here it is SHINee performance: 

The performance continued by BEAST sang Beautiful Night, Fiction, and Shocks. There was an accident when BEAST sang, the fireworks came up and somehow burnt something. A security came and extinguished the fire. Fans sang along a lot when BEAST sang Fiction.
The next special stage and (for me) the most memorable one was from collaboration stage Teen Top and S4 (Indonesia Boy band). They exchanged their song and still sang it in original language. So, S4 sang first with Teen Top song No More Perfume on You. It was amazing. And then, Teen Top sang S4 song, which in the original version featuring Hyuna 4Minute. Unbelievable. They sounded so Indonesia. I don’t hear any weird accent. I loveeee this performance. They sing it like the song its their song.
Here is  Teen Top & S4 performances: 

Tee Top meets S4

Teen Top - She's My Girl (S4)

S4 - No More Perfume on You (Teen Top)

They left the stage. But, there was something weird with the stage. The stage, which is supposed to stay flat, it didn’t. The one part has higher slope. A girl PD came to the stage and tried to fix it. May be, it is supposed to be a hydraulic stage, which could go up and down, but because of that may be, SHINee just came out from the right part of the stage. SHINee sang their new song, which is Beautiful. It felt like SHINee concert, the fanchant was so loud, the fangirl screamed very loud. SHINee sang Sherlock afterwards. My friends said that there was something wrong with Taemin’s mic. The mic is not working or sounding too small. But, the PD changed it after two songs. Key said to fans, ”Are you guys having fun tonight?” And then, they started to take a picture on a stage with audience as a background. SHINee also sang the fun dance song with the standing mic, Dream Girl.  Taemin cheered up the stage by throw the mic and catched it perfectly.
Kyu, Nadia, and Jiwon changed their clothes. Nadia with red dress, Jiwon with blue dress, and Kyu a white shirt and vest. Taec wasn’t join them because the next performance was from 2PM. Kyuhyun said a lot of words in Indonesia language that day. He shouted, ”Anda senang?” and continued with, ”Teen Top senang? SISTAR senang? Eru senang? 2PM senang? BEAST senang? SHINee senang? Super Junior senang?” (Are you happy with Teen Top, SISTAR, Eru, 2PM, BEAST, SHINee, and SUPER JUNIOR?) The crowd was crazy when Kyuhyun asked that are the the crowd happy of Super Junior.

2PM then came out and sang Heartbeat. After that, they began with the talk session. Junho said, “Terima kasih atas kedatangannya.”(Thank you for your coming). Min Jun said,”What’s up Jakarta? This is Jun K.”  Taecyeon said,”Panasssss” (Hotttt.) Taec said,”It’s been three moths since our last concert . Who came to our concert?” Taec continued,”We’re gonna sing a song. If you guys know about this, sing along okay?” Of courseeeeee, they sang Satu-Satu againnnn. They started with beatbox and Chansung sang it. Taec said,”Also we prepare this photo session as well. So, we are gonna count to three and do a pose. On three, you guys can take as many pictures you can okay?” Nichkhun said,”Are you guys ready?” They said,”Satu, dua, tiga.” (One, two, three) and then they did any kind of poses. Camera flash came from everywhere. They also walked to both side of the stage. See the action from King of Fan Service here:
2PM - Heartbeat

2PM - Talk & Sing Satu Satu

 They said, “This is only for Indonesia.” I hoped not, because every country need this kind of service. Junho opened his jacket and sang Hands Up. Chansung also opened his jacket and kicked it. Everyone in the venue jumped and sang along. They continued with 10 out of 10. After that, they left the stage, but not leave every Hottest heart.
2PM - Hands Up

2PM - 10 out of 10

THIS is the last stage, the very last group in the Music Bank, with biggest fanbase. It is Super Junior. Ryeowook said,”Aku cinta kalian.” (I love you). And then Yesung said,”Aku jugaaaa. JAKARTAAAAA.”(Me too. JAKARTAAAAA). Kyu said,”Kalian cantik sekali. Aku cinta kamu.” (You guys are so beautiful. I love you). Eunhyuk said,”Sudah siap untuk bersenang-senang?” (Are you ready to have fun?)  

They sang Bonamana rock version. It was so cool, check it on 

After that, a very handsome man, Donghae and also Eunhyuk sang Oppa Oppa. I remembered that Donghae almost fell because of plastic bag in a right side of the stage (I’m not sure but there’s something on the stage). He almost fell, but he could handle it in a cool way. After that, others Super Junior member came and sang Oppa Oppa. Check Siwon and others move on They ended the stage with Yesung’s awkward, but cute dance. They continued with the Sexy, Free, and Single. Through the end, Super Junior gave the best crowd, of course, almost everyone in the venue is elf?
 Super Junior - Oppa Oppa

 Super Junior - Sexy, Free, and Single

The last performance of the day is from all of them. They sang Run to You, and also did fans service here and there. Finally, the closing part came, usually we saw every interaction with one boyband with the other. I saw it. Ryeowook came to Infinite and interact with Dongwoo. Other Super Junior members, Donghae and Kangin also followed Ryeowook. When the MC did the closing, Taec was on the other side of the stage alone did a fans service. After everybody left the stage, there was Eunhyuk who went to the backstage the last
I’m so happy–Wooyoung.

Special Thank to Jessica for this blog. 

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