[VIDEO] 2013 MBC Idol Athletics Championship


[post_ad]Team A to Team J

Bora & Dongjun reading the oath

70M Women Run Preliminaries 1

70M Women Run Preliminaries 2

70M Men Run Preliminaries

70M Men Hurdle Preliminaries

Women Archery Semifinal to final 1/2

Women Archery Semifinal to final 2/2

Women High Jump Final

Men High Jump Final

70M Women Run Semi-Final

70M Men Run Semi-Final

70M Men Hurdle Final

Bora Certificate of Appreciation

Men Archery Final 1/2

Men Archery Final 2/2

70M Women Run final

70M Mmen Run final

400M Mix Relay Run final

Winning Team - PIMK

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