Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Google's YouTube released A-POP (Asian Pop) Channel

Google Inc. largest video streaming site, YouTube launches "A-pop Channel" featuring top 20 list of the most popular video clips that highlight pop idols in Korea, Japan and China, as well as a calendar that posts information for online fan meetings and events, according to the YouTube's Korea blog. Check the website now!!http://www.youtube.com/apop

 The A-Pop channel is where you can enjoy Asian Pop music. Please visit, subscribe and enjoy K-Pop (Korean pop), C-Pop (Chinese pop), and J-Pop (Japanese pop)! Inline with this celebration, YouTube will give a chance to all Asian Pop fans to  chat with Top artists from Japan, Korea, and Taiwan  . Join Google+ and ask questions to your favorite artists. Lucky fans get to talk to the artists face to face over video chat. Question submission deadline is 2/25.
3/8 Shinee 
3/9 王力宏 (Wang Lee Hom)
3/10 Super Junior 
3/11 きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ 
3/12 flumpool 
3/13 2PM
3/14 Mayday (五月天) 

For more details, 
K-Pop stars and music (http://google.com/+KPop)
J-Pop stars and music (http://google.com/+JPop)
C-Pop stars and music (http://google.com/+CPop) 

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